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When my A/C went out I called Kulacz and Sons. They were at my house within a few hours, told me the problem, HAD THE PART to repair it and were very reasonable and professional. Highly recommend them.

- Lisa C. Facebook Icon

This is the second year I’ve used Kulacz & sons for a furnace check-up before winter and I have found them to be completely thorough in their assessment of my furnace. He asked when the last time I changed batteries in my thermostat (I wasn’t even aware it had batteries). He showed me how to open it up and replace the batteries. It was visibly brighter with the new batteries. I appreciate working with a company that goes above and beyond.

- Jenn Google Icon

It is Super Bowl Sunday and we woke up with no heat. Actually we were up all night babysitting the thermostat with limited results. My husband found the listing for Kulacz and Sons in the Monee Home Pages. The first HVAC ad was two pages on Kulacz, touting no extra charges for nights and weekends! The owner Jake bounded up the sidewalk despite the temps in the mid-teens and the kickoff a few hours away. I had diagnosed that either the thermostat and/or filter to be the problem, scouted out my choices at big box, and presented them to Jake. He appreciated my research and concurred with my choices. That set the stage for myriad questions from me (less than 400) for the next 1.5 hours. Jake showed me how to complete my DIY project of adding some more wire pairs. Jake is so personable, energetic, informative and he charged us $50 less than we expected. My husband wanted to give him a tip, but he reserves those for his employees. Wow! No reservations whatsoever in having him return if need be.

- Barbara S. Yelp Icon

Very professional staff. Laura is great at scheduling & follow-up. A friend who is in HVAC maintenance recommended Kulacz and I'm very happy he did.

- Joanna A. Facebook Icon

I called Kulacz & Sons for a second opinion. Not only did I not need a new furnace as recommended by another company, they ordered and installed the parts needed the very next day. Definitely earned a lifetime customer. They work with honor and integrity. The technician Ozzie was very patient, courteous and professional.

- Elizabeth W. Google Icon

Truly fantastic people. I found them a couple of months ago thru groupon... I was very pleased with their service and told them I would definitely call them if I needed them again. Well, today I needed them as I woke up this morning to no heat and a freezing house. I called up their emergency number and spoke to Jake who helped troubleshoot me enough to get my furnace temporarily working. I definitely recommend them.

- Eddie A. Yelp Icon

Kulacz and Sons heating and cooling handles all of our heating and cooling needs. They are very professional and skilled. They go above and beyond!

- Dave C. Facebook Icon

Everyone at Kulacz is very professional and friendly. I have had them replace my furnace and ductwork. The job they did was outstanding. Today was just routine maintenance but Reilly was professional, friendly, and clean. I have recommend Kulacz to friends in the past and will continue to do so.

- Randy N. Google Icon

I just moved to Chicago from California and know nothing about heating and cooling. To be honest I never had to use either. My first winter in Chicago has been extremely challenging and I am learning more about the frigid cold than ever before. The past week I have noticed that my heat did not seem to be heating as well as it did in the beginning of the winter. I didn't know if it was from the colder temperatures or if my heater was slowly dying on me! I started to call around to local companies and it was like everyone was almost laughing at me..... this girl just wasn't used to the cold. No one offered to come out they just tried to fix the problem over the phone. HELLO, I know how to use a thermostat. Thank You. Then I called Kulacz and Sons and talked to a wonderful woman who gave me some troubleshooting ideas. After those things were unsuccessful she offered to send someone over right away. RIGHT AWAY. All the other services were offering me next week service!!! An extremely helpful and caring gentlemen came over and found that there actually WAS a problem with my heater. I wasn't crazy!! He fixed it right away. Now I amsitting nicely in this below zero freezing-ness with a nice warm furnace. It was very inexpensive and to be honest I would have paid a lot more for the efficiency and the service. I totally recommend Kulacz and Sons for your heating and cooling. I have already recommended them to all my co-workers. You can tell they are a family-run business because they actually care.

- Meg N. Yelp Icon

Our unit stopped working Sunday so I called this place and Riley called me back. He was super nice and could have come look at it then but I opted for Monday morning. He was early and determined the issue and got the part ordered. He came back Tuesday for the repair and was early again. I would definitely call this company again and request Riley! Thank you!!

- Amanda F. Facebook Icon

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